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Cold Brew Super Berries

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Fruity BIO cold brew tea with rooibos and a delicious berry mix. Perfect freshness for the summer without sugar, but with a lot of taste! Conveniently pre-portioned in plastic-free pyramid bags for easy preparation.

Our super cold brew with super berry flavor will blow your mind! Free of artificial flavors and sugar, the carefully selected organic ingredients give boring water an incredibly delicious taste. Experience the perfect cold brew for the summer.

No calories. Lots of taste: 

The high-quality organic ingredients contain an incredible amount of power and taste, so that we can completely do without artificial additives or sugar.

Ideal for the office, school and leisure: the cold brew tea can be prepared quickly anywhere in the practical pyramid bags. You only need cold water and a glass, carafe or bottle.

Helps you drink more: Our cold brew blend turns boring water into a great soft drink you won't get enough of.

Perfect sports drink: Free from sugar and additives, every sip leaves only pure refreshment and no sticky feeling on the palate with even more thirst.Infused water in handy

The aromatic ingredients are pre-portioned in practical pyramid bags. Simply pour cold water over it, let the cold brew steep for 5-8 minutes and the perfect thirst quencher is ready. Without the hassle of pouring or filtering. Your new favorite drink for work, leisure and sport. Ideal for quick refreshment.

PLASTIC-FREE: We use plastic-free, compostable pyramid bags made from renewable raw materials.

Hibiscus (63%)*, Rooibos (19%)*, Spearmint (4%)*, Sweet Blackberry Leaves (6%)*, Natural Strawberry Flavor (3%), Natural Raspberry Flavor (2%) , raspberries (1%)*, strawberries (1%)*, blueberries (1%)*.(* = from controlled organic cultivation).

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