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ThermoConfort and GuaSha Pink Kit

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ThermoConfort Eye Mask and GuaSha Pink Quartz


The perfect beauty duo for a relaxing facial and a moment of absolute self-relaxation, whether at home or while traveling.This duo includes :

- A Sun&Sia rose quartz GuaSha: the essential beauty accessory. 

- A ThermoConfort eye mask that can be used cold or hot.

The Sun&Sia GuaSha is made from natural stone simply cut and polished without chemical treatment. A totally natural beauty accessory containing no chemical or harmful substances. Its shape is studied to perfectly fit the lines of the face.

The Sun&Sia thermo-therapeutic gel mask offers you a cold or hot facial treatment at your fingertips.

Certified non-toxic sodium polyacrylate gel ensures safe use.

Reusable and a cotton cover offered for easy storage, to protect them from dust and for perfect transportability. The color of the GuaSha may differ slightly depending on the stone.

- Reusable.
- Improves elasticity and firms the skin.
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
- Brighter complexion, healthy glow effect.
- Deflates and reduces dark circles.
- Promotes the penetration of facial care products.
- Tightens pores and stimulates blood circulation.

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