One GuaSha Jade Vert

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One GuaSha Jade Vert
One GuaSha Jade Vert One GuaSha Jade Vert

6,5 x 8 cm

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The Gua Sha Sun&Sia: the essential beauty accessory.

This beauty/massage accessory from traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. Its literal translation means "to scratch" (gua) the "evils" (sha).The Sun&Sia Gua Sha is made from natural stone simply cut and polished without chemical treatment. It is a totally natural accessory containing no chemical or harmful substances. Its shape is studied to perfectly fit the lines of the face.

- Reusable.
- Contributes to the stimulation of blood circulation and oxygenates the tissues.
- Boosts the radiance of the complexion and gives a healthy glow.
- Helps to decongest, in particular the rings and pockets under the eyes.
- Drains toxins, for a healthier and cleaner skin.
- Helps to smooth and firm the features, for an anti-aging massage.
- Releases tension for a feeling of muscular relaxation.
- Facilitates the absorption of skin care products to promote their benefits.

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