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Daily Wellness Tea Collection

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A gift for well-being. Our 5 most popular organic teas from the English Tea Shop Wellness collection in a gift set.

List of ingredients

Youthful Me - Fruit Tea, ORGANICIngredients: Hibiscus (40%)*, Rosehip (40%)*,Sea buckthorn berries (9%)*, strawberries (4%)*,Blueberries (4%)*, blackberries (3%)

*Shape Me - Green Tea / Herbal Tea, ORGANICIngredients: Green Tea (54%)*, Cinnamon (23%)*,Ginger (13%)*, Ginseng (6%)*,Acai berries (4%)

*Pure Me - herbal tea, ORGANICIngredients: Peppermint (32%)*,Spearmint (Spearmint)(16%)*, fenugreek (12%)*,fennel seeds (10%)*,elderflower (8%)*,Turmeric (5%)*, lemon zest(5%)*, nettle (4%)*,Rosemary (3%)*, Licorice (3%)***, Marigold (2%)

*Sleepy Me - herbal tea, ORGANICIngredients: chamomile (62%)*,lavender flowers (12%)*,hop leaves (11%)*,Valerian roots (11%)*,Lemon balm (4%)*Calm Me - Spiced Tea, ORGANICIngredients: cinnamon (40%)*, peppermint (31%)*, liquorice(15%)* **, Lavender (14%)

**from controlled organic cultivation,** = Contains liquorice - in case of high blood pressure one shouldexcessive consumption should be avoided

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